Alan Jacobs

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If is going to be successful as a platform, I think all of us who participate need to unlearn habits we learned over a decade or more of using Twitter and Facebook. Habits such as:

  • Abrupt and peremptory questions (“Examples?”)
  • Abrupt and peremptory dismissals (“What BS”)
  • Believing that every conversation you can see is one you can immediately and without introductions be a full participant in
  • Believing that social media is a platform for ranting
  • Whatabouting
  • Cryptic responses to people who don’t know you (which can occur especially when you’re laboring under the constraints of a character limit that doesn’t exist here)

Remember when we were all confused about how to manage online conversations with strangers? We should get confused again, I think. We should forget the habits we learned on other social media platforms, but remember that those habits made those platforms so unpleasant that we’ve decamped here. If we can do that then maybe we can generate some legitimate conversation.