Alan Jacobs

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A year or so ago I decided that the Apple Watch hardware and software had probably reached a level of maturity that made it worth a try. I bought one; I hated it; I returned it. Yet another device I have to charge every night? I went back to using a Garmin smartwatch and carrying my phone around all the time.

But I don’t like carrying a phone around all the time. I am particularly resentful when I find myself deciding what trousers to wear based on how comfortable a pocket they provide for the phone. And then it occurred to me: What if I got an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity? I decided to give that a try.

Report: I love my new Apple Watch. My iPhone almost never leaves my bedside table now. On the Watch I am able to get phone calls and texts from my family and friends, but I don’t have a ton of other things to distract me or tempt me. I don’t have to wear another device to track my activity. When I’m out for walks I can listen to podcasts. I drop the Watch on its charger at night and all the necessary syncing happens.

The only problem is from Apple’s point of view, not mine: I have an iPhone 7 and probably won’t buy a newer model until it is no longer compatible with new versions of WatchOS.