Alan Jacobs

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I don’t comment a lot on 🏀, but I’m a big NBA fan and just have to say something about what’s been happening:

First: Several teams (especially in LA) have taken the two-supermax-superstars-plus-random-dudes approach. They’re all one sprained ankle from dropping four spots in the standings and one ACL from missing the playoffs altogether. I have serious doubts about this strategy, and think that teams that have focused more on depth (e.g. the Bucks) are a better bet for the future.

Second: A week ago Sam Presti of OKC was burdened with two superstar contracts (one of them the second worst contract in the recent history of the NBA, after John Wall’s) and was running a team that had clearly maxed out. Now he has cleared the decks, brought on some young players and a super-smart veteran, and has draft picks out the wazoo for the next five years. He ate the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of the Clips and Rockets. OKC IN 2023!

Three: Daryl Morey is supposed to be so smart, but he is flailing wildly right now. Russ? On that team? I can’t imagine a worse mismatch. Do they expect Russ to spot up for 3s while Harden is breaking down defenses in their 1-4 sets? Please.

Four: The Sixers’ biggest weakness last year was a dearth of shooting. So they got rid of their two best shooters. I think they’ll be taking a significant step back next year (and then blowing everything up the year after that).

Five: The Spurs are gonna hurt some people next year, if their health holds up. Mark my words.