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Here’s an update on my use of the Apple Watch as the one device I carry around (leaving my iPhone permanently on my bedside table):

  • I’m definitely going to keep doing it.
  • Sometimes I don’t get phone calls on the Watch. Can’t find the pattern yet.
  • Battery life is wildly variable: despite using the Watch the same way every day, some days I end up with 35% battery and some days it runs out by 8pm. Can’t find that pattern either.
  • The chief thing I do on my Watch — besides keeping track of my physical activity — is listen to podcasts, and Overcast is utterly unreliable at downloading podcasts to the Watch — even when I choose to force downloads. I’ve been a big Overcast fan for several years, but I’m thinking of trying something else, maybe Castro.
  • To my great surprise, I have very much enjoyed using the Breathe app. Taking one-minute breaks during the day to breathe has been good for my relaxation and concentration alike.