Attica Locke: “My books often start with a small crime that is masking a much larger, more dangerous one in terms of politics and money. This, in my opinion, is how we ought to consider a great deal of crime. George Floyd loses his life over allegedly passing a counterfeit bill. Eric Garner for ‘illegally’ selling cigarettes. And all the while, there are any number of larger moral crimes that set either one of them on a petty crime path. That never should have cost them their lives. Almost certainly, some of those moral or literal crimes turn on land use and property – whether it is using property taxes to fund schools, so that poor neighbourhoods have schools with fewer resources, or how police funding gets apportioned by neighbourhood and the history of redlining and banks not offering business or home loans in African American areas, thus suppressing economic growth. We are often quick to bring down the hammer on street crimes – men and women trying to survive – while larger corporate and political criminals get away with murder, figuratively and literally. At the heart of it, this is why I write the books I write: I am looking for the crime behind the crime.”