Jesse Singal with a vital reminder: “All else being equal, the more emotionally aroused people are, and the more they feel beset by threat and uncertainty, the more likely they are to spread unfounded rumors. I just hope that between now and when it is clear who the next president is, people understand the potential consequences of this behavior. It might feel right, in a moment, to share a video of, for example, what appears to be activists intimidating voters waiting in line. But unless you are completely positive that is, in fact, what you are looking at, you should consider the risk that you are increasing the overall temperature of the situation, helping to amp up all the suspicion and hate and distrust, for nothing (you might also be falling into a trap set by people intentionally seeking to seed and stoke misinformation). And when enough people believe false rumors, they take action in response, and then the other side takes action in response to that action, and things can quickly spiral out of control.”