The Economist: “Mr Biden is unlikely to stuff his cabinet with hard lefties, not being one himself. He is an institutionalist and ran on a message of unification. In his speech on November 7th, he sounded a familiar theme: ‘I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify — who doesn’t see red states or blue states, only sees the United States.’ Barack Obama struck a similar tone when he announced his candidacy 16 years ago. That was before Mr Trump spent four years doing precisely the opposite — deepening divisions, pouring fuel on fires and salt into wounds for political gain. Mr Biden’s was a standard speech, a paean to what used to be commonplace for an American politician: gauzy unity, hope and progress, America as a beacon for the world. But after four years of chaos and cruelty, incompetence and solipsism, it sounded like what America voted for. It sounded like renewal.”