The Pacey Winger has returned. ⚽️

Here’s a new issue of my newsletter, featuring some very funny angry letters from Dorothy L. Sayers.

I wrote a brief post about American Greatness.

I wrote a brief post about a book I want to write but may not.

I wrote an “unspoken sermon” about being Right.

If I am elected President, I pledge to you that I shall never tweet.

[Sam singing]

My traveling companion is fifty years old
He’s the heir of my first master
But I’ve reason to believe
We both will be received
In Mordor

We’re going to Mordor
In the east of Middle Earth
We’re going to Mordor
Poor Sméagol and hobbits with elven cloaks
And we are going to Mordor

And one of the desserts: corn mochi with blackberry sorbet and various delicious accessories.

A highlight from last night’s anniversary dinner at Barley Swine: fried buns (like a steamed bun except … fried) with shrimp dumplings.

39th anniversary dinner at the amazing Barley Swine in Austin. So, so grateful for my beloved.