So I have an Apple Card, and have tried to use the actual card three times. Once I got a chip error, had to use another card. Twice people looked at it and said, “We don’t take that kind of card.” I explained to them that it’s just a MasterCard, and promised that if they would just try scanning it they would see what I mean. “We don’t take that kind of card.” (This is in Chicago, BTW.)

When the time comes, see it if you possibly can. I know whereof I speak.

Well, my fancy(ish) integrated amplifier died today — but never fear! I have a backup. This tiny Lepai amp drives my speakers just fine and with decent (if not great) sound. And it cost me 25 bucks.


“Someone at the Times had offered to commission him to write a poem about the meaning of the [moon landing], and Auden had replied that it would have no meaning at all.” — Edward Mendelson

The Pacey Winger has returned. ⚽️

Here’s a new issue of my newsletter, featuring some very funny angry letters from Dorothy L. Sayers.

I wrote a brief post about American Greatness.

I wrote a brief post about a book I want to write but may not.