Any word in The Lord of the Rings is a word as far as Iā€™m concerned.

Hmm, a couple of Premier League games at 2 ā€” I wonder how VAR will ruin them?

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I continue to be interested in how the iPhone software handles low light, especially when using the longest lens. Here’s another example taken at night.

Currently reading: The Gathering Storm (The Second World War) by Winston S. Churchill šŸ“š

The rain did a lot for this fella.

What the iPhone software does with very low light (don’t be deceived by the sky in the background, this was taken in a pitch-black night) sometimes looks like rotoscope animation.

I told them a while back that this is a word, but they obviously didn’t listen. Anti-liturgical bias at the NYT!

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September update for my Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

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There’ll always be an …

Watching Eurobasket this morning (which is awesome) and I just saw a European sports website identifying Luka Doncic as a player for “Maverick Dallas” – by analogy with Dynamo Kiev or Lokomotiv Moscow, I suppose. So that’s what I’m calling the team from now on: MAVERICK DALLAS.

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I have always loved rain, but not until I moved to Texas did I really LOVE rain.

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