Remember how I said that there are some trees around here that think it’s still autumn? (Photo taken half an hour ago.)

Newsletter: on fakery and Hittites.

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Okay, time to get this second career started.

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A number of trees here are convinced that it’s still autumn.

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We found our old friend Nelson! – missing for many years. (Long ago a friend from South Africa gave him to us.)

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Chilly and lovely morning in the neighborhood today.

I don’t often read the New York Times, but when I do, I prefer to use lynx.

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First newsletter of the new year!

First πŸ”₯ in many months

FYI: I am doing Big Blogging again, and if you want to support that you can buy me a dragon.

It was 80ΒΊ here an hour ago – tomorrow morning it’ll be 22ΒΊ.

Cheers, London. Wish I were visiting you right about now.

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The Jesuit church, Mount Street Gardens, London (a few years ago). Looking through some of my London pictures this morning, wondering when I’ll be able to return.

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