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Currently reading: The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie 📚

Currently reading: The Recognitions by William Gaddis 📚

Currently reading: The Recognitions by William Gaddis 📚

Just posted an update to my Buy Me a Coffee page.

Re: those eggs, once I tried Alton Brown’s way of boiling eggs – which is not to boil them but rather to steam them – I knew I’d never use any other method. Foolproof.

Jacques Pépin calls this dish Eggs Jeannette, after his mother, because she would always make them for her kids when they were sick. The most comforting of comfort foods, and an Easter and Mother’s Day tradition in our household. (UPDATE: Les Oeufs Jeannette.)

“The problem with my life is that I’ve said too much shit in the past and no one forgets it.” — Jürgen Klopp, also me

Last day in my Reading the New Testament class – a semester-long thought experiment in trying to place ourselves in the minds of the very first members of the Jesus sect – and it happened in the midst of a huge thunderstorm. So we turned out the lights and spent some time watching the rain and lightning.

Currently reading: The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies by David Thomson 📚

Currently reading: Death and the King’s Horseman: A Play by Wole Soyinka 📚

(I’ve been adding books I’m teaching to these “Currently reading” posts, but this will be the last of those until 2023 – classes end this week and then I’m on research leave for the Fall term!)

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