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2023-01-27: Another pro tip: While you’re waiting a week for the limoncello to brew, add the juice from …

2023-01-27: Pro tip: when life hands you Meyer lemons, make limoncello.

2023-01-26: Fun and games.

2023-01-25: Currently reading: Standing by Words by Wendell Berry 📚

2023-01-25: My buddy Rob Miner bought this for me in Amsterdam – and it sounds great. But I’m …

2023-01-24: Re: yesterday’s cover art, How to Think has now been translated into: Arabic Chinese (PRC) Chinese …

2023-01-23: There’s a lot of this. Also, Angus is committed to (a) peeing outside and (b) pooping inside.

2023-01-23: Cover for the forthcoming Arabic translation of How to Think.

2023-01-23: Currently reading: The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany 📚


2023-01-22: Currently reading: Essayism: On Form, Feeling, and Nonfiction by Brian Dillon 📚


2023-01-21: A proper Texas breakfast.

2023-01-20: Drives me slightly nuts when I am one letter away from an enormous word.

2023-01-20: I said to Angus this morning, “Certain elements of your behavior are irreconcilable with …

2023-01-18: Currently reading (in one of my most treasured volumes): Mont Saint Michel and Chartres by Henry …

2023-01-18: Glamour shot.


2023-01-17: It’s good to be back on campus.

2023-01-17: Currently reading: Phantastes by George MacDonald 📚

2023-01-17: Pro tip: When you’re trying to get a portrait shot, it’s important that the subject …

2023-01-16: … but he’s getting quite comfortable already.

2023-01-16: Angus was a little nervous for the first few minutes here…

2023-01-13: Currently reading 📚

2023-01-13: SO cool to see this from my friend (and former colleague) Shawn Okpebholo!

2023-01-13: Just posted an update for my Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

2023-01-12: Jesus 5: Parabolic On insiders and outsiders.

2023-01-12: Currently reading: The Secret Gospel of Mark by Geoffrey S. Smith and Brent C. Landau 📚

2023-01-11: Currently listening: Emerson Quartet, Bach: The Art of Fugue ♫


2023-01-10: I’m 100% with MKBHD on this – or rather, even more critical than he is. I’m taking …

2023-01-10: For years I’ve been determined to decline invitations in this way, but I always chicken out.


2023-01-09: Currently reading: The Sense of an Ending by Frank Kermode 📚

2023-01-09: Maybe one day I’ll get tired of taking pictures of trees, but not this day.

2023-01-09: Forthcoming in Comment.


2023-01-08: Finished reading: Why We Drive by Matthew B. Crawford. Fascinating book — I’ll probably blog about …






2023-01-07: Currently reading: Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life by Albert Borgmann 📚

2023-01-06: Currently reading: For Keeps by Pauline Kael 📚

2023-01-03: Some of the trees around here started turning in November, others in December, and a few are turning …

2023-01-03: Jesus 4: Eyewitnesses Stepping back for a bit of semi-scholarly context. It won’t happen again, I promise.

2023-01-03: Interesting crop of works and makers entering the public domain this year.


2023-01-01: Currently reading: Why We Drive by Matthew Crawford 📚

2022-12-31: My kind of year-end list: the 10 best films of … 1932.

2022-12-31: Just give me one import from Latin


2022-12-30: Nearly eight hundred people attended the Christmas Eve services at my church, St. Alban’s Waco …

2022-12-30: There’s no current soccer player I dislike as much as Cristiano Ronaldo, but if he had gone to …

2022-12-28: Ted Gioia: “This is James Daunt’s super power: He loves books.”

2022-12-27: Currently reading: A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books by Charles Dickens [specifically The …



2022-12-25: Long coveted on vinyl!

2022-12-25: Context


2022-12-24: Where loues are Christmast, with all pleasures sorts

2022-12-24: Christmas Eve lunch with my dear ones. ❤️

2022-12-24: Jesus 3: A Poem For Christmas Eve “A Christmas Hymn,” by Richard Wilbur

2022-12-23: Ross Douthat’s Advent-themed newsletter quotes Auden and, um, me – so you know …

2022-12-23: I’d like a version of Spelling Bee in which the only acceptable words are proper names from …

2022-12-22: Currently reading 📚

2022-12-20: Angus and his mama, Gypsy.

2022-12-20: Currently reading: Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov 📚

2022-12-20: Jesus 2: An Advent Poem “The Coming,” by R. S. Thomas

2022-12-18: I’ve got some advice for people who might consider moving from Twitter to — with links to …

2022-12-17: Currently reading: Super-Infinite: The Transformations of John Donne by Katherine Rundell 📚

2022-12-17: It’s a good time to remember Hilaire Belloc’s Christmas card.

2022-12-16: This is Angus. He’ll be joining our family in a couple of weeks. We’re chuffed.

2022-12-16: I think the puzzlemakers exclude some words simply because they’re too big.

2022-12-16: I just posted an update for my Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

2022-12-16: I’m a little nervous about starting this microcast series on Jesus, because I’m not good …

2022-12-16: Jesus 1: I Think I’m a Principal The first in a series of brief audio meditations on Jesus.

2022-12-15: Current listening: Yo La Tengo, Fakebook ♫ (a grossly underrated record) 

2022-12-15: If your Christmas season doesn’t include a viewing of The Shop Around the Corner, it really …

2022-12-13: Currently reading: The Moviegoer by Walker Percy 📚

2022-12-12: Currently reading: Death Be Not Proud by David Marno 📚


2022-12-12: Currently reading: Henry James: Collected Stories Volume 2 (Everyman’s Library) by Henry James …

2022-12-11: Lovely choral Evensong this evening at St. Alban’s. “Lighten our darkness, we beseech …

2022-12-10: May I never be called a rantipole.

2022-12-10: Catastrophic tactical error by Southgate: After an Arsenal legend scored for France, he brought off …


2022-12-09: Can’t stop singing this.

2022-12-09: The link in the previous post goes to a current Penguin edition, but I’m reading the copy I bought …

2022-12-09: Currently reading: In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin 📚

2022-12-09: Whaddya mean that’s not a word? It’s my gamer handle!

2022-12-09: I like having a corkboard.

2022-12-08: Currently listening ♫




2022-12-07: An appropriate day to remember one of Waco’s greatest heroes.

2022-12-07: Trying out the new global shortcut for microposting in MarsEdit 5 – looks like it works …

2022-12-06: Currently listening: Van Morrison, Veedon Fleece (one of my favorite records for more than forty …

2022-12-06: Currently listening: Charles Mingus, Blues and Roots ♫

2022-12-05: Currently listening: Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Song Book ♫

2022-12-05: Currently reading: Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde 📚


2022-12-03: A game of unforced and amateurish errors by 🇺🇸 ⚽️ — oh well.

2022-12-03: Where’s Brian McBride when you need him? 🇺🇸 ⚽️

2022-12-03: A wonderful idea from Zeynep Tufekci: donate to Partners In Health in memory of the great Paul …


2022-12-02: Much talk in the past 24 hours about Luis Suarez’s deliberate handball against Ghana in the 2010 …

2022-12-02: Foggy morning in the canyon.

2022-12-02: A wonderful list of books for Christmas presents by my friend John Wilson, the most imaginatively …

2022-12-01: Laity looking especially lovely on this cloudy autumnal day.

2022-12-01: Gruber: “Mastodon is — deservedly! — getting a lot of attention as people re-evaluate their use of …


2022-11-30: Finished reading: Stealing for the Sky, by Adam Roberts. A terrific brief SF thriller — fast-paced, …



2022-11-29: Tyler Adams’s response yesterday to a confrontational Iranian journalist was remarkably impressive. …

2022-11-29: I am thrilled to have been so wrong about this USMNT side. What I didn’t expect: their defensive …

2022-11-28: Currently reading: Murray Talks Music: Albert Murray on Jazz and Blues by Albert Murray 📚

2022-11-28: Same

2022-11-27: Currently reading: Good Morning Blues: The Autobiography of Count Basie as told to Albert Murray 📚


2022-11-26: I fervently hope that when I’m gone people will say “He was a right rumptydooler, he was.”


2022-11-26: Sun’s out after a few days of (very welcome) rain.

2022-11-25: Listening to: Bill Frisell, Four ♫

2022-11-25: Final analysis: same as halftime. A solid performance by the USMNT: they were composed and competent …

2022-11-25: Halftime analysis: USMNT dominating in midfield, but has no finishing. ⚽️

2022-11-25: I’m sticking with my prediction, but it would be the most USMNT thing ever to beat England and …

2022-11-25: Even if you hate soccer, listen to the first few minutes of this podcast to discover how my friend …

2022-11-25: My prediction for USA-Wales was 0-0; it finished 1-1. My prediction for today’s match: England 3-1 …

2022-11-25: I hand-write a lot, but I don’t boost it much these days because I’ve come to realize …

2022-11-24: Finished reading: Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray: What a …

2022-11-24: Ready to go.


2022-11-22: I have several pairs of headphones, of varying quality, but FWIW, these are the ones I always reach …

2022-11-22: Currently listening: Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar: More Songs by Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes …

2022-11-22: I just love this post by Imani Perry about how excited her sons were when she won the National Book …

2022-11-22: A good overview of the value of deep reading.

2022-11-21: Currently reading: Albert Murray: Collected Essays & Memoirs by Albert Murray 📚

2022-11-21: Nothing like listening to the Welsh sing their anthem. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


2022-11-21: I’ve been predicting U.S. 0-0 Wales, but the power of Weston McKennie’s hair is (against …

2022-11-21: After seeing that shambolic defending by Iran, I might have to reconsider my prediction that the …

2022-11-20: Currently reading: Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray 📚

2022-11-20: Charles Spurgeon: “I do not know that the prodigal saw his father, but his father saw him. The …

2022-11-20: As an endlessly corrupt World Cup begins, the American college-sports-industrial complex says, “Hold …

2022-11-18: “Not in word list.” Sigh. It’s not that esoteric a word!

2022-11-18: Twitter right now is mainly about Twitter but also a little about Mastodon. And Mastodon is mainly …

2022-11-17: Currently reading: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison 📚 (Decided to save Solzhenitsyn for later)

2022-11-16: My prediction for Group B in the World Cup ⚽️: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇮🇷 🇺🇸 I mean this. I think the …

2022-11-16: I would watch any NBA game called by Doris Burke (play-by play) and 89-year-old Hubie Brown …

2022-11-16: A student just wrote to ask me about an independent study, and my reply to him called it an …

2022-11-15: Just had the loudest, longest episode of SpaceX thunder ever. Every window in the house rattling for …

2022-11-15: Welp, I’m going in. If you don’t hear from me in a month, call the FBI, or a priest. 📚

2022-11-14: Wendell Berry: There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.

2022-11-14: Finished reading: The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X by Les Payne. Somewhat disappointing; …

2022-11-14: Currently reading: The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X by Les Payne 📚

2022-11-14: Newsletter!

2022-11-13: Currently reading: Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray by Ralph …

2022-11-12: Don’t know why that book info has the author’s name in Russian, but it looks cool so I decided to …

2022-11-12: Currently reading: The Complete Short Novels by Антон Павлович Чехов 📚

2022-11-11: You Can Forget About Crypto Now: “Imagine your debit card suddenly stopped working because the …

2022-11-11: This Adam Neely video on the ways that intellectual property law is simply unsuited to music is just …

2022-11-11: Currently reading: The Quest for Corvo: An Experiment in Biography by A.J.A. Symons 📚

2022-11-11: Prediction: By this time in 2024, Elon will have sold Twitter to people who will pledge to return it …

2022-11-10: The most amazing part of this story is the teacher who says that he used to keep his smartphone on …

2022-11-10: On ne peut jamais quitter les Romains.

2022-11-10: And now, perhaps, time to reward myself with a little light reading?

2022-11-10: Just sent off my critical edition of Auden’s The Shield of Achilles to my editors at Princeton …

2022-11-10: It’s what nihilists do.

2022-11-09: Finished reading: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Just as I had remembered it: brilliant and …

2022-11-08: Currently reading: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy 📚



2022-11-08: Very alien-invasion vibe to the pre-dawn walk in the fog.

2022-11-07: Currently reading: Tolstoy: A Russian Life by Rosamund Bartlett 📚

2022-11-06: Glenn Gould’s 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variatoons was so popular that he took the Goldbergs on …

2022-11-06: Yet another reason to love Texas.


2022-11-05: I keep trying to do the Todd Hido thing but it’s a lot harder than it looks.

2022-11-05: Struggles to deal with being in the shadow of his more famous brother Bub.

2022-11-04: So our magnificent local Balcones Distillery has been purchased by a behemoth corporation. When a …

2022-11-04: Lev Tolstoy, born in 1828, had a daughter who lived until 1979.

2022-11-04: Currently reading: Interaction of Color: 50th Anniversary Edition by Josef Albers 📚

2022-11-04: So much fantastic stuff in Sara Hendren’s new newsletter!

2022-11-04: It’s morning in America!

2022-11-03: Current comparative listening: Pet Sounds and Revolver. I’m surprised at how strongly I feel …

2022-11-03: Hey folks: I want to auto-link my WordPress posts to – not cross-post, but just …


2022-11-02: Last night at our local pizzeria, Moroso. So, so delicious.


2022-10-31: Why Ted Gioia thinks that victory, for artists, is assured.

2022-10-31: Currently reading 📚

2022-10-31: I’m doing a bit of blogging again, and about weird scholarly stuff – perhaps a sign that …


2022-10-30: Re: my recent post on antisemitism, this from @lmullen and crew is exciting.

2022-10-30: Currently listening: The Campfire Headphase - Boards of Canada 🎵

2022-10-30: Re: Kyrie Irving, Ye, and others, this remains permanently relevant. Antisemitism is a pathological …

2022-10-30: If I were at the Emirates I’d teach people a song for Tomiyasu: It would be “Tomi Gunner,” to the …

2022-10-30: Derek Thompson’s take on baseball is similar to mine from a few years back, but he adds a …

2022-10-30: OH COME ON

2022-10-29: Dave Winer: “Why would I leave Twitter? It’s like living in NY and not taking the …


2022-10-29: Trying a little experiment here, which I will explain in a future audio post. Source.

2022-10-29: Currently reading: The History of the Computer: People, Inventions, and Technology that Changed Our …

2022-10-28: Currently listening: Tinariwen, Aman Iman ♫

2022-10-28: Trying to do my part to show people A Better Way.

2022-10-28: Cognitive errors and moral failings A first experiment in microcasting.


2022-10-27: I’m feeling thoroughly moskered.

2022-10-27: So close to greatness.

2022-10-27: Looking forward to this new podcast from my friends at Comment Magazine, featuring Shadi Hamid and …

2022-10-27: SO hard to decide whether to denounce the people who deserve denouncing or denounce the people who …

2022-10-27: I posted an update on my Buy Me a Coffee page.

2022-10-27: My friend and colleague Philip Jenkins on The Great Vampire War of the Enlightenment.


2022-10-26: Currently listening: ¡Ay! by Lucrecia Dalt ♫

2022-10-26: Richard D. Kahlenberg: “Harvard picks classes that look like today’s racially diverse America; …

2022-10-26: Ross Douthat putting the necessary question: As I argued in my inaugural newsletter last week, in …

2022-10-26: Every time Matt Yglesias bangs the one billion Americans drum, I have the same question: Where will …

2022-10-26: I am neither Greek nor Chinese nor a philosopher, but I do often try to go back to the beginning.


2022-10-25: My buddy Austin Kleon tried to ask a question about “merch” but for once autocorrect …

2022-10-25: Finished reading: The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt. Impressive in many ways and often delightful, …

2022-10-25: Riccardo Mori: “I actually quite like most of what Apple is doing with the Mac, hardware-wise. …

2022-10-24: Re: this essay on accelerated and decelerated landscapes, I wonder if we can think similarly about …

2022-10-24: Brad East’s rules for reviewing and being reviewed, are excellent, but the very first rule for …

2022-10-24: Currently reading: The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt 📚

2022-10-24: Maybe this is just an oddity of my brain, but I find the Systems Settings app in Ventura …











2022-10-19: On my first morning at Laity, I always walk to Blue Hole. But it’s 39° this morning so I don’t think …

2022-10-18: In these circumstances, a reminder: You don’t have to go there. You don’t have to do any of that …

2022-10-18: IMO, what this story points to is the difference between people who want to listen to sound systems …

2022-10-17: “Well, we’re the Satanic Temple, not the Church of Satan, because they’re awful.” From a terrific …

2022-10-16: Les Murray: Nothing a mob does is clean, not at first, not when slowed to a media, not when police. …

2022-10-16: WSJ on the Metaverse: “Among the persistent complaints from early adopters and testers, …

2022-10-16: ♫ Currently listening: Hermanos Gutiérrez, El Bueno Y El Malo

2022-10-16: ♫ Waxahatchee’s Saint Cloud was my faithful companion on my recent road trip. What an …

2022-10-16: Darwin Nuñez on for Liverpool. Bringing Darwin on is a … natural selection. #thankyouvurrymuch




2022-10-12: Did I write this solely in order to use that title? You may well think so, but I couldn’t possibly …

2022-10-12: Me to myself: Do not enter. DO. NOT. ENTER.

2022-10-12: Finished reading: The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler 📚. I wanted to love this book but I didn’t. …

2022-10-12: Popular term for a beheaded person — disparaging, though, which I guess is why they won’t let me use …


2022-10-10: Currently reading: The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler 📚

2022-10-10: I wrote about Jean-Luc Godard, whose ideas I think simplistic and silly but whose boldness I admire, …



2022-10-10: C. S. Lewis, from “Lilies that Fester” (1955): The [student] will not get good marks …

2022-10-09: I know from long experience that it’s the hope that kills you, but I’m gonna go way out on a limb …



2022-10-09: It’s Sunday morning in northeastern Alabama and there sure are a lot of guys around here wearing …


2022-10-08: Sara Hendren: “But in rejecting the distorted and gendered version of small-s sacrifice, I …

2022-10-08: Will be doing my thought-experimental Reading the New Testament class again next term.


2022-10-07: Now that I’m taking a break from my big blog and posting many small things here at, …

2022-10-07: An extremely raucous murder of crows in the neighborhood this morning is reminding me of lines from …

2022-10-07: What an image. Among the silent trees a Russian rocket finds its resting place. (Taken near a …

2022-10-07: Currently reading: Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson 📚


2022-10-06: Temple Grandin: “Some visual thinkers, like me, are ‘object visualizers’—we see the world in …

2022-10-05: Currently reading: Reading Lucretius in the Renaissance by Ada Palmer 📚

2022-10-05: Noah Smith: “The authoritarians of the world are already making a pretty good case for liberal …

2022-10-05: The Cineaste’s Guide to Watching Movies While Stoned. This was basically my life back in the day. …

2022-10-05: Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt: “One day, a government source informed the synagogue that we would …

2022-10-05: Alternate spelling. Pangram!

2022-10-04: “If these problems are intrinsically linked to consolidated tech giants like Meta, Google, and …

2022-10-04: Announcing a blogging hiatus – though I’ll probably be here at more than in …

2022-10-03: It me.

2022-10-02: ♫ Currently listening: Time Waits: The Amazing Bud Powell


2022-09-30: ♫ Currently listening: Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk. Fabulous record; the …

2022-09-30: Collections on On the most recent episode of Core Intuition, @manton and @danielpunkass discuss whether …

2022-09-29: ♫ Sweet haul from Waterloo Records today. Grooving to Delvon Lamarr right now.



2022-09-28: As Qatar 2022 looms the US look like who they are: Concacaf’s third best team. Too true to be good.

2022-09-27: The workshop.


2022-09-26: “The Godfather is shit. But there is a part of me that loves shit.” — Jean-Luc Godard

2022-09-25: Made pesto today in this food processor, which is forty years old. I know old people like to say …

2022-09-25: “There are no dull subjects, only dull minds.” — Raymond Chandler, “The Simple Art …

2022-09-20: Any word in The Lord of the Rings is a word as far as I’m concerned.

2022-09-16: Hmm, a couple of Premier League games at 2 — I wonder how VAR will ruin them?

2022-09-15: Currently lstening to: Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue ♫ (It’s good to be reminded what an …

2022-09-13: Currently reading: Their Finest Hour (The Second World War) by Winston S. Churchill 📚

2022-09-13: I continue to be interested in how the iPhone software handles low light, especially when using the …


2022-09-10: Currently reading: The Gathering Storm (The Second World War) by Winston S. Churchill 📚

2022-09-09: The rain did a lot for this fella.

2022-09-09: What the iPhone software does with very low light (don’t be deceived by the sky in the …

2022-09-09: I told them a while back that this is a word, but they obviously didn’t listen. …

2022-09-08: Currently reading: The Whalebone Theatre by Joanna Quinn 📚

2022-09-08: September update for my Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

2022-09-06: Currently reading: Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War by Mark Harris 📚


2022-09-03: Currently reading: Awakenings by Oliver Sacks 📚

2022-09-02: Listening to: Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus ♫

2022-09-02: There’ll always be an …

2022-09-01: Watching Eurobasket this morning (which is awesome) and I just saw a European sports website …

2022-09-01: Currently reading: Mike Nichols: A Life by Mark Harris 📚

2022-08-30: Currently listening: summerteeth by Wilco 🎵


2022-08-30: I have always loved rain, but not until I moved to Texas did I really LOVE rain.

2022-08-30: Currently reading: Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood by Mark …


2022-08-26: Currently reading: A Light in the Dark: A History of Movie Directors by David Thomson 📚

2022-08-24: Currently reading: Making Movies by Sidney Lumet 📚

2022-08-23: Currently reading: And How Are You, Dr. Sacks?: A Biographical Memoir of Oliver Sacks by Lawrence …

2022-08-22: An annoyance: Online security systems these days assume that everyone is surgically attached to …

2022-08-20: “Repeated, long-term exposure to standing also has been implicated in the development of serious …


2022-08-19: National Parks Lifetime Pass? ✔️


2022-08-19: I’m borderline-obsessed with these differently-angled straight lines.


2022-08-18: Incoming.


2022-08-17: “Not in word list.” These people are barbarians.

2022-08-17: Bit of a scramble to get down to this part of the river, but it was worth it.


2022-08-16: Evening coming on in the canyon



2022-08-15: Glad to see this thread – the badness of what is now called “System Settings” in …

2022-08-15: Masa tres leches cake, from Barley Swine last night. Would like to have more for breakfast.

2022-08-15: Currently reading: Some Versions of Pastoral by William Empson 📚


2022-08-10: Big the-Virgin-and-the-Dynamo vibe going on at the local Methodist church. From this angle anyway.

2022-08-10: Rain everywhere … except in the little circle where I live. It’s like we have a force …

2022-08-10: I always quit Spelling Bee when I get to “Amazing,” because I think it would go to my …

2022-08-10: Currently reading: Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” by Zora Neale Hurston …

2022-08-10: This is extremely uncomfortable for me, but over at my Buy Me a Coffee page I decided to ask people …

2022-08-09: Well, I’ve had more than enough of the heat, but this guy seems to like it.


2022-08-08: Currently reading: Science and Government by C. P. Snow 📚


2022-08-06: Currently reading: Albert Murray: Collected Essays & Memoirs by Albert Murray – Murray was …

2022-08-04: Currently reading: Collected Essays by James Baldwin 📚

2022-08-02: Some lovely photos of the recent Laity Lodge retreat with Sara Hendren and Claire Holley.

2022-08-02: Continuing a theme….

2022-08-02: I love how my buddy Austin Kleon uses his newsletter to riff on and extend some stuff I wrote.

2022-08-02: That really was a wonderful meal at Milo last night. Corey’s cooking gets more and more …

2022-08-02: workspace

2022-08-02: A woman loving her dessert. A lovely woman who has been married for forty-two years – to me!

2022-08-01: feeling kinda like

2022-08-01: Currently reading: Israel and the Dead Sea Scrolls by Edmund Wilson 📚

2022-07-30: In those first three tries, I guessed one letter correctly and twelve incorrectly. ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ 🟨⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜🟩⬜⬜ …



2022-07-28: Currently listening: Bach: The Cello Suites — Recomposed by Peter Gregson ♫

2022-07-27: Finished reading: Space Odyssey by Michael Benson – one of the best books of its kind …

2022-07-27: Finished reading: The Railway Children by E Nesbit 📚 (first time in many years!)

2022-07-27: What does my home town sound like? It sounds like Waxahatchee’s “Arkadelphia”. It sounds exactly …

2022-07-26: We only have one weather now.


2022-07-25: Currently reading: The Common Expositor: An Account of the Commentaries on Genesis, 1527-1633 by …




2022-07-24: Just playing around here … embedding a video in a post didn’t seem to work on all …


2022-07-24: Currently reading: Space Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the Making of a Masterpiece …

2022-07-22: One thing about this wild wild country It takes a strong strong It breaks a strong strong mind ♫

2022-07-22: I’m so happy about last weekend at Laity Lodge that I’m posting about it on both my …


2022-07-19: Currently reading: Collected Poems by C. P. Cavafy 📚

2022-07-19: Posted an update to my Buy Me a Dragon page.

2022-07-19: Sympathy for my northern European friends. (I could say “At least it won’t last …

2022-07-18: Didn’t think this guy was going to bloom this summer, but we returned from a few days away to …

2022-07-17: Well hello



2022-07-13: Small detail from Wildflowers (2017) by María Berrío

2022-07-13: At The Modern in Forth Worth today, I was totally captivated by the mixed-media paintings of María …



2022-07-12: Currently reading: Beyond Nature and Culture by Philippe Descola 📚


2022-07-09: Jemez River, New Mexico

2022-07-09: Currently reading: You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup by Peter Doggett 📚

2022-07-08: Currently listening: Fleet Foxes, A Very Lonely Solstice ♫



2022-07-06: 📚 Currently reading, in a copy I acquired in (I think) 1972:


2022-07-05: Currently reading: The High Sierra: A Love Story by Kim Stanley Robinson 📚

2022-07-03: Currently reading: The Passage of Power (The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Vol. 4) by Robert A. Caro 📚



2022-07-01: Today’s harvest

2022-07-01: My iCloud issue: files I create on my iPhone take roughly 36 hours to show up on my Mac. This has …

2022-07-01: it’s the friends you make along the way




2022-06-30: Currently reading: Master Of The Senate (The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume 3) by Robert A. Caro 📚

2022-06-30: Finished reading: Means of Ascent (The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume 2) by Robert A. Caro 📚

2022-06-30: Finished reading: The Path to Power (The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume 1) by Robert A. Caro 📚

2022-06-24: Currently reading: The Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam 📚




2022-06-22: Don’t know why this guy stands more than a foot higher than his friends, but he’s …

2022-06-22: Currently reading: Lucky Per by Henrik Pontoppidan 📚


2022-06-21: Currently listening: Danish String Quartet, Last Leaf ♫


2022-06-21: Currently reading: Milton and the English Revolution by Christopher Hill 📚

2022-06-20: Currently listening: Willie Nelson, Spirit ♫


2022-06-20: It’s a newslettery morning


2022-06-18: Currently listening: Aaron Copland, Appalachian Spring ♫

2022-06-18: I’ve just revised and edited the page where I list the major themes of my big blog and link to …

2022-06-18: Remembering a visit to Sanibel with dear friends….


2022-06-18: Currently listening: Wood Works by Danish String Quartet ♫

2022-06-17: I wrote about mechanization, illiberalism, and the attempt to create a monoculture. Part of my …

2022-06-16: And this Yaupon tea pannacotta with fresh peaches and granola … I don’t even have …

2022-06-16: Odd Duck Austin is one of my favorite eating/drinking places.

2022-06-16: Currently reading: What They Heard by Luke Meddings 📚

2022-06-15: Currently reading: Tono-Bungay by H. G. Wells 📚



2022-06-10: Squirrel wars escalating. I am injured but I persist.

2022-06-09: My “productivity system” is … a calendar. That’s it, that’s all I …

2022-06-09: Currently reading: The Women Who Saved the English Countryside by Matthew Kelly 📚

2022-06-08: Currently reading: Poet of Revolution: The Making of John Milton by Nicholas McDowell 📚

2022-06-07: Just ordinary morning light, that’s all. But I like it a lot.

2022-06-07: Pretty typical message to my wife, who’s in Alabama with family

2022-06-07: Currently reading: London: A Social History by Roy Porter 📚

2022-06-06: Newsletter time!


2022-06-04: Currently reading: John Milton: Life, Work, and Thought by Gordon Campbell 📚



2022-06-04: Seriously, these guys are just exploding. They’ve all been in this one patch, but now …

2022-06-03: Currently reading: Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World by Leo Damrosch 📚

2022-05-31: “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” — Samuel Johnson

2022-05-31: Currently reading: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 📚



2022-05-27: Currently reading: Thomas Jefferson: A Biography of Spirit and Flesh by Thomas S. Kidd 📚

2022-05-27: Good to see these guys back.

2022-05-26: I spend a lot of time just watching these guys come and go.

2022-05-24: When I grow up, I wanna be like Pop. And you should too.


2022-05-23: A festive harvest in the mail today. Listening to Wood Works right now and it’s utterly enchanting.

2022-05-23: Currently reading: The Code of The Woosters by P G Wodehouse 📚 – I almost know this one by …

2022-05-23: Another dashed-off newsletter, though with some prime Wodehouse content.


2022-05-22: Going around saying hello to the plants I wasn’t sure had made it through our cold snaps in …

2022-05-20: Currently reading: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens 📚 – taking my own advice.


2022-05-19: Finished reading: The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers 📚 Lovely to renew an old friendship.

2022-05-17: Finished reading: Anarchy and Christianity by Jacques Ellul 📚


2022-05-16: Currently reading: The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie 📚


2022-05-16: Currently reading: The Recognitions by William Gaddis 📚



2022-05-14: Currently reading: The Recognitions by William Gaddis 📚


2022-05-12: Just posted an update to my Buy Me a Coffee page.





2022-05-08: Re: those eggs, once I tried Alton Brown’s way of boiling eggs – which is not to boil …

2022-05-08: Jacques Pépin calls this dish Eggs Jeannette, after his mother, because she would always make them …





2022-05-06: “The problem with my life is that I’ve said too much shit in the past and no one forgets it.” — …

2022-05-05: Last day in my Reading the New Testament class – a semester-long thought experiment in trying …

2022-05-04: Currently reading: The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies by David Thomson 📚


2022-05-03: Currently reading: Death and the King’s Horseman: A Play by Wole Soyinka 📚 (I’ve been …

2022-05-03: My newsletter is intermittent these days, but here’s a new issue.


2022-05-02: Currently reading: The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation by …


2022-05-01: This is gonna be fun

2022-04-30: I estimate that 73% of my RSS feed is stories about Twitter. Enough is enough, folks!

2022-04-28: Currently reading: A History of Christian Missions by Stephen Neill 📚

2022-04-28: Thanks for the kind words on my post, folks!

2022-04-28: I generally dislike unsolicited advice, but over at my macro blog I wrote a post offering some …

2022-04-27: Currently reading: Picture by Lillian Ross 📚

2022-04-27: I was so annoyed by the size and heft of my iPhone 13 Pro that I traded it to my son for an SE …


2022-04-23: Hummingbird clearwing moth visiting my patio – couldn’t get a sharp photo though.

2022-04-21: The Lindheimer’s beeblossom is back! – which means that soon the bees will be too. (I …

2022-04-21: Maybe my favorite thing about our house: It sits on a slight elevation, so when we look across our …

2022-04-20: Currently reading: Bing Crosby: Swinging on a Star: The War Years, 1940-1946 by Gary Giddins 📚

2022-04-20: I had to suspend my regular newsletter – interrupted by Life – but I’m still …


2022-04-17: Currently reading: Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams — the Early Years, 1903-1940 by Gary Giddins 📚


2022-04-15: Currently reading: The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood by David Thomson 📚



2022-04-11: Currently reading: Tristes Tropiques by Claude Levi-Strauss 📚

2022-04-11: We have four mature live oaks on our property, but this is the one I look at the most often. It has …

2022-04-10: I do like a frittata.



2022-04-08: Currently reading: The Pat Hobby Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald 📚


2022-04-04: At the request of … several, I have enabled a subscription plan for my blog. Please spread …

2022-04-04: This is my link to my post about my essay on piety.

2022-04-03: Currently reading: Orson Welles, Volume 2: Hello Americans by Simon Callow 📚

2022-04-02: I almost always post my photos in square format, but not because of Instagram. This was my first …



2022-04-02: Diners.


2022-03-31: Currently reading: Orson Welles, Volume 1: The Road to Xanadu by Simon Callow 📚


2022-03-27: Watching the UNMNT and on this Sunday the goals (so far) have been scored by Jesus, Paul, and …




2022-03-25: Andrew Hudgins, “The Cestello Annunciation”



2022-03-23: Currently reading: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison 📚

2022-03-23: This smoked-pastrami reuben at Milo – amazing.

2022-03-23: Taken as the tornado sirens sang.

2022-03-21: Currently reading: The Kindness of Strangers by Salka Viertel 📚

2022-03-20: Currently reading: Always Crashing in the Same Car: On Art, Crisis, and Los Angeles, California by …

2022-03-20: Finished reading: Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks 📚


2022-03-18: Those trees Texans call “mountain cedars”? They’re junipers. See?


2022-03-15: Professional musical instrument storage and display

2022-03-14: Pommes de Terre Persillade. IMO, the best way to eat potatoes.

2022-03-14: Persillade in process.

2022-03-08: Currently reading: An Essay on Man: An Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture by Ernst …

2022-03-08: Currently reading: The Wood that Built London by C. J. Schüler 📚

2022-03-08: Currently reading: Letters and Papers from Prison by Dietrich Bonhoeffer 📚

2022-03-08: Currently reading: Four Quartets by T. S. Eliot 📚

2022-03-08: Currently reading: Tom Stoppard: A Life by Hermione Lee 📚

2022-03-08: Currently reading: The This by Adam Roberts 📚

2022-03-08: I keep vacillating about whether or not to record the books I read here; it’s interesting in a …


2022-03-07: We have newsletter!

2022-02-28: Big Bend National Park, taken a while back.

2022-02-28: The mothership … um, I mean the newsletter has landed.





2022-02-24: When the skylight in your bathroom enables photo-as-abstract-art …


2022-02-21: Behold the newsletter!


2022-02-20: Currently reading: Constellations by Govert Schilling 📚

2022-02-19: Currently reading: Unattainable Earth by Czeslaw Milosz 📚


2022-02-16: Currently reading: The This by Adam Roberts 📚


2022-02-14: Behold the newsletter!

2022-02-14: Old loyalties.

2022-02-13: Currently reading: The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonas 📚


2022-02-08: Gorgeous day on campus today.

2022-02-08: Currently reading: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf 📚

2022-02-07: It’s clobberin’… um, I mean, newsletter time!

2022-02-07: Monday morning, at the desk, preparing to clear my head.

2022-02-03: Currently reading: The Metamorphosis: And Other Stories by Franz Kafka 📚

2022-02-03: I like this photo of the renovations being done at my church because it reminds me how the nave of a …

2022-01-31: Currently reading: Index, A History of the: A Bookish Adventure from Medieval Manuscripts to the …

2022-01-31: Newsletter: Harmonies and Dissonances.

2022-01-30: Currently reading: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells 📚


2022-01-29: Well, this was different. ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟨🟨🟨🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

2022-01-29: Currently reading: The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells 📚

2022-01-28: I sort of hate my office, but I just yesterday (after eight years!) realized that the windowsill …

2022-01-28: Currently reading: The Road to Middle-Earth: How J.R.R. Tolkien Created a New Mythology by Tom …

2022-01-26: Currently reading: Early Christianity and Greek Paideia by Werner Jaeger 📚

2022-01-24: Currently reading: The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien 📚

2022-01-24: Newsletter: Sir Shi and the Wanderer

2022-01-24: Can’t stop, won’t stop.

2022-01-24: Currently reading: Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud 📚 (trying to remember to put …


2022-01-21: Currently reading: Vermeer: The Complete Works by Karl Schütz 📚

2022-01-20: Guess I won’t be visiting the McDonald Observatory – one of my favorite places – …

2022-01-20: Prep

2022-01-18: Remember how I said that there are some trees around here that think it’s still autumn? (Photo taken …

2022-01-17: Newsletter: on fakery and Hittites.

2022-01-16: Currently reading: Andrey Tarkovsky: Life and Work: Film by Film, Stills, Polaroids & Writings 📚

2022-01-15: Okay, time to get this second career started.

2022-01-14: Currently reading: The Complete Works of W. H. Auden: Poems, Volume II: 1940–1973 by W. H. Auden 📚

2022-01-14: Currently reading: The Complete Works of W. H. Auden: Poems, Volume I: 1927–1939 by W. H. Auden 📚

2022-01-11: A number of trees here are convinced that it’s still autumn.

2022-01-10: Currently reading: Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens 📚

2022-01-10: Newsletter!

2022-01-09: Currently reading: History of England (Volume I) by David Hume 📚

2022-01-08: We found our old friend Nelson! – missing for many years. (Long ago a friend from South Africa …

2022-01-07: Currently reading: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins 📚

2022-01-07: Chilly and lovely morning in the neighborhood today.

2022-01-07: I don’t often read the New York Times, but when I do, I prefer to use lynx.

2022-01-06: Currently reading: The First Kingdom: Britain in the Age of Arthur by Max Adams 📚


2022-01-04: Currently reading: The Selected Letters of Wallace Stegner by Wallace Stegner 📚

2022-01-03: First newsletter of the new year!

2022-01-02: First 🔥 in many months

2022-01-01: FYI: I am doing Big Blogging again, and if you want to support that you can buy me a dragon.

2022-01-01: It was 80º here an hour ago – tomorrow morning it’ll be 22º.

2021-12-31: Cheers, London. Wish I were visiting you right about now.

2021-12-31: Currently reading: Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens 📚

2021-12-31: The Jesuit church, Mount Street Gardens, London (a few years ago). Looking through some of my London …

2021-12-30: Currently reading: Freud: The Making of an Illusion by Frederick Crews 📚

2021-12-29: Currently reading: The Control of Nature by John McPhee 📚

2021-12-27: Here’s a terrific conversation at The New Atlantis about whether it’s possible to write …

2021-12-25: Currently reading: The Sound of Mountain Water: The Changing American West by Wallace Stegner 📚

2021-12-25: A Christmas edition of the newsletter.

2021-12-24: Renovations to our parish church continue apace, including a lovely new rose window.

2021-12-24: Joan Didion, “Holy Water” (1977): Some of us who live in arid parts of the world think about water …

2021-12-24: Matt Mullenweg: “As more and more of our lives start to be run and dictated by the technology we …

2021-12-23: Currently reading: Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the …

2021-12-23: Scott Alexander: Science communicators are using the same term — “no evidence” — to mean: This …


2021-12-23: I got an email from the University of Austin saying: “Since we launched last month, our promise to …

2021-12-22: Matt Stoller: “The amount of utopian bullshit and fake promises on a technology that doesn’t really …


2021-12-21: James Rebanks, English Pastoral: One morning as I was waiting by the church with the other boys and …

2021-12-21: Currently reading: English Pastoral: An Inheritance by James Rebanks 📚

2021-12-21: Cecilia D’Anastasio: “The idea of the metaverse has reemerged under a new sky. The current …

2021-12-21: From Alex Ross’s terrific interview with Jonny Greenwood: There are scenes in “Spencer” that …

2021-12-20: “In God We Trust” should be retired as our national motto and replaced with Homer Simpson’s line: …

2021-12-20: Maybe it’s just because I live in Texas, but when I read techno-optimistic pieces like this one I …

2021-12-20: This essay in the Economist gives a pretty good idea of what level of social control would be …

2021-12-20: N. S. Lyons: At this point, you might be wondering why Communist Party media apparatchiks now sound …

2021-12-20: Newsletter!






2021-12-15: Katharine Park: “Every time I read something in The New York Times that Leonardo da Vinci had to …

2021-12-13: New issue of my newsletter – featuring fakery, a cathedral builder, and an Advent poem – …

2021-12-12: Friedrich Kittler (1992): “I am adamantly in favor of the clean separation of the inorganic from the …

2021-12-12: Treat ev’ry man according to his deserts, and who should ‘scape a scathing takedown?

2021-12-11: My local coffee shop (Dichotomy) takes Christmas very seriously.

2021-12-11: Brilliant essay by Mark Lilla on Julien Benda: “Our century will properly be called the century of …

2021-12-11: Kevin Kelly: “Security on a network is equivalent to pollution coming from a small source. If …

2021-12-09: Samuel Johnson, from his “Life of Milton”: It is told that in the art of education …


2021-12-08: Finished reading: The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David …

2021-12-08: Currently reading: Stone Age Economics by Marshall Sahlins 📚


2021-12-08: 12 Get Back Moments You Need to Know to Act Like You Watched the Whole Thing — I mean, yeah, if …

2021-12-08: My colleague Perry Glanzer is 100% correct: The reality is, when it comes to faculty formation, the …

2021-12-08: David Brooks with a shrewd inquiry: Donald Trump is the near-opposite of the Burkean conservatism …

2021-12-08: James Hankins: “One clear change [in historical scholarship] was the coverage of what my …

2021-12-07: Here in Waco we get “SpaceX thunder”: reverberations from the rocket testing site …

2021-12-07: Lovely New Yorker -ish image on the cover of the LRB.

2021-12-07: Adam Roberts again: I argue that how we configure the birth of the genre [of science fiction] has …

2021-12-06: New issue of my newsletter today – and as always, the version on the Comment website looks …



2021-12-05: Adam Roberts: Let’s say Hogarth sees religion less in terms of mystic or transcendent aesthetic …

2021-12-04: The Tufte theme by @pimoore is just amazing. With its shortcodes you could use as a …

2021-12-04: As someone whose guitar playing is severely compromised by damage to my fingers – thanks to …






2021-10-29: Almost-November rose.




2021-10-16: Hello old friend





2021-10-04: Trying and failing to capture a beautiful crescent moon this pre-dawn I accidentally made an …










2021-09-15: Mid-century modern lives on.







2021-08-19: We thought the nightmarish winter storm we had in February had killed our oleander, but we cut it …

2021-08-19: Maybe it’s time to bring these out of mothballs?

2021-08-17: Wes at his first Cubs game, 30 June 1999. He’s singing “Take Me Out to the Ball …

2021-08-13: When it gets hot and dry the Lindheimer’s beeblossom seems to become very happy.

2021-08-03: Millennium Park, Chicago

2021-08-02: Forty-one years ago today this wonderful woman married me. I still can’t believe it.


2021-07-27: So grateful for the time at Laity Lodge with these dear people.

2021-07-26: Every time I’m at Laity Lodge I take pictures of this Japanese maple, because the light is …


2021-07-20: He likes parsley, I have too much parsley. So we’re cool.

2021-07-14: Earlier this year we planted this burgundy-leaved crepe (or crape) myrtle and (a) it’s …




2021-06-18: This was quite the find at the used book store. Wild Flowers of the United States was a 15-book …


2021-06-17: Texas FM 187 (one of the prettiest drives in the Hill Country) above Vanderpool
















2021-05-29: It has rained so much in the past month that our live oaks are getting moss on them as though we …

2021-05-19: Summer companions.


2021-05-10: My sister lives out in the country, in the ridge-and-valley terrain of northeastern Alabama, so this …

2021-05-10: This is my sister’s dog Bella. Bella is a rescue and a very good girl.











2021-04-20: Welcome back, friend.


2021-04-14: We planted this Lindheimer’s beeblossom last year, and we’re delighted that it survived …

2021-04-13: Don’t give me any ideas.


2021-04-01: The Rock Church, Cranfills Gap, Texas

2021-03-31: Can’t tell y’all how excited I am about this.

2021-03-28: Used books.

2021-03-27: Dessert first, please

2021-03-24: Welcome, small stranger. Live long and prosper.

2021-03-22: A four-magazine mail day is my equivalent of finding a four-leaf clover.


2021-03-19: One down, one to go.

2021-03-18: So excited about the arrival of this one.


2021-03-15: I was 100% sure that this little tree had died in the recent big freeze, but here we are!




2021-03-10: Not everything was killed in our Big Freeze (but I fear a lot was).

2021-03-04: We said goodbye to our best friend this morning after fourteen years of endlessly delightful …

2021-03-01: Malcolm has become increasingly contemplative in his old age.

2021-03-01: My newsletter seems not to have gone out this morning, so while I’m trying to find out what …

2021-03-01: Currently reading: At Home by Bill Bryson 📚

2021-03-01: Currently reading: Either/Or: A Fragment of Life by Soren Kierkegaard 📚

2021-03-01: Currently reading: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf 📚

2021-03-01: Currently reading: The Epistle to the Romans by Karl Barth 📚

2021-02-09: Much-used books are beautiful books.


2021-01-30: For Malcolm, affection is like being groomed: something to tolerate if there’s a biscuit at the end …

2021-01-06: Well, it’s nice to see how much more peaceful and orderly things are now that we’ve …

2021-01-06: I wrote about a new kind of school: The School for Scale.


2021-01-04: My newsletter features Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman.


2021-01-02: Malcolm wishes you a Happy New Year.



2020-12-16: My local coffee shop/cocktail bar, Dichotomy, does Christmas better than anybody. Even an Advent …

2020-12-14: Two years ago, autumn in central Texas was spectacular; last year, wan; this year, pretty darn nice!














2020-11-26: It begins.

2020-11-24: Coming attractions.

2020-11-24: In which I announce Gospel of the Trees 2.0.

2020-11-23: I was, am, and will be here for Richard Polt’s Analog College.

2020-11-23: Yeah, I’ve been doing this a while. What I like about this is that it shows that I’ve …



2020-11-22: Theo Epstein: Baseball “is the greatest game in the world, … but there are some threats to it …

2020-11-22: Things many people who haven’t published don’t understand: We writers rarely have any …

2020-11-22: Just discovered that a fairly generous except of my biography of C. S. Lewis is available online — …

2020-11-22: I think this post by Ilya Somin, especially if you follow up its many useful links, raises the …

2020-11-21: Santa Subito!!

2020-11-20: It’s just wonderful to me that friends of mine (Erin, Amanda, Alexis, Rob), have been doing this …

2020-11-19: In recent weeks I’ve expressed my gratitude to my students, who have been so faithfully disciplined …

2020-11-18: Currently reading: A Promised Land by Barack Obama 📚

2020-11-18: Currently reading: The Children of Men by P. D. James 📚

2020-11-17: Well, I knew this was coming. And let’s be clear: Krebs was fired for telling the truth. (The …

2020-11-17: That’s right, I’m playing Monument Valley 2 on my Mac.


2020-11-16: 48º, AKA perfect napping weather for a Sheltie.

2020-11-16: And speaking of newsletters not on Substack, I have posted an issue this morning.

2020-11-16: Overall, I think the move by some of our most provocatively interesting journalists to newsletters …

2020-11-16: Barack Obama: “ If we do not have the capacity to distinguish what’s true from what’s false, then by …

2020-11-15: Cheating-detection companies made millions during the pandemic. Now students are fighting back: …

2020-11-15: Cheakamus Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, 2006


2020-11-14: Someone’s not ready for autumn.

2020-11-13: New Mexico, June 2017

2020-11-12: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has an excellent page debunking rumors of …

2020-11-12: I just gave our student assistant Ifeoma a boring sorting-and-filing job to do, and said, …

2020-11-11: All my photographs are of trees and my dog, but, you know, I yam what I yam.











2020-11-01: Leaves just beginning to turn, but the autumn light angles are here.




2020-10-29: From Baylor’s covid tracking page. My students have been amazing: their consistency in doing the …





2020-10-24: Very excited to get this little treasure from my dear friend Tim Larsen!



2020-10-15: Currently reading: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky 📚

2020-10-14: Making lunch, gazing out back, thankful for these gifts but waiting and hoping for better days for …

2020-10-13: When I’m on on campus I always like to spend some time chilling under the live oaks.

2020-10-13: I wrote a post on some features of that more people should know about. (Maybe many of you …

2020-10-13: Cool enough for a hoodie on the morning walk 😯

2020-10-13: Currently reading: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life by Emile Durkheim 📚

2020-10-13: Currently reading: If Then: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future by Jill Lepore 📚


2020-10-06: Let’s never see this sight again. Let’s win them all for the big green guy. ⚽️ …

2020-10-06: Mesut Özil, Arsenal legend and hero of humanity. ⚽️ Also, #JusticeForGunnersaurus is the single …

2020-10-05: That’s it, Arsenal. If you don’t want Gunnersaurus you don’t want me as a supporter.


2020-10-02: Currently reading: Murray Bookchin Reader 📚

2020-10-02: Currently reading: Fear And Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard 📚

2020-10-02: Currently reading: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen 📚





2020-09-29: Not sure why, but our September roses are blooming with much more vivid colors than they had earlier …


2020-09-24: Well of course it’s expensive, it’s a 350-year-old book.


2020-09-18: My son and I are sorting through the Big Issues


2020-09-16: I’m a huge fan of Leuchtturm notebooks, but I’m a little concerned about their pricing.

2020-09-08: This is so cool from my buddy Austin Kleon.

2020-09-07: Tomorrow!

2020-09-04: Coming Tuesday!

2020-08-28: My beloved on the Rhine last fall (photo by her friend Fran).

2020-08-27: Now I can intimidate my students by looking like Immortan Joe

2020-08-25: Had to give myself a reward after my first class.

2020-08-24: This morning’s newsletter is about silence, and a legendary young woman of the Lakota Sioux.

2020-08-20: Looked all over the place for my beloved this morning. Finally found her in a tree.


2020-08-13: This spindly rose bloomed a bit in the spring, after which it offered no blooms at all for three …



2020-08-12: Campus was looking lovely this morning except for the ongoing construction of tent cities.





2020-08-06: current status

2020-08-03: Taken on the plane back to Alabama. She was with me then, and with me through the difficult years to …

2020-08-03: Honeymoon over; in the airport and about to return to Alabama. If I look a little worried, I …




2020-08-02: Reader, she married me. Forty years ago today. I still can’t quite believe it. (Photo taken …

2020-08-01: I’m happy for all Gunners today, but happiest for this guy. What a class act and first-rate keeper. …

2020-08-01: South Fork, Guadalupe River (2017)

2020-08-01: This monstrous thing is ten feet tall now.

2020-06-30: I wrote about sharing a typewriter (model) with Carl Reiner.


2020-06-29: Went down to the river today to make sure it’s still there. ✔️


2020-06-27: “Slowly”?

2020-06-26: Couldn’t possibly be more delighted with the blurbs for my forthcoming book.


2020-06-25: Jacob Epstein’s great sculpture of St. Michael’s victory over Satan at Coventry Cathedral — a …


2020-06-24: A more peaceful image from the same room

2020-06-24: Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2016)

2020-06-23: Hard to imagine a more damning chart. But what we will never be able to decide is who, primarily, …

2020-06-22: First tomatoes from the garden, full-size + cherry.

2020-06-22: Not just reading David French’s newsletter, I’m annotating it.


2020-06-19: Vieux Carré

2020-06-19: Ascending Wansfell Pike, 2011

2020-06-18: Malcolm wishes to register his approval of Dr. Kelly and her place.

2020-06-18: Took Malcolm to his vet, Dr. Kelly, today. She works mainly on horses and so her place is out in the …

2020-06-18: Jemez River, New Mexico, 2017





2020-06-15: Malcolm has just had an exciting game of garden hose to celebrate his birthday. He’s 13 today! …



2020-06-06: a green thought in a green shade


2020-06-06: I’m just taking picture after picture of my garden because (a) I like growing flowers and (b) …




2020-01-26: It begins.

2020-01-21: The chief texts for this semester — good companions for the journey.


2019-12-19: trigger warning




2019-12-19: … is the name of my new band




2019-12-18: Putting my toe back in the water here … it’s the best imaginable version of social media, but …




2019-09-03: Slightly worried as I ask myself just how much bigger this thing can get….





2019-08-21: Our dear boy Malcolm has always had trouble with stairs and steps, but it’s gotten worse …





2019-08-16: ?????







2019-08-13: Well, my fancy(ish) integrated amplifier died today — but never fear! I have a backup. This tiny …


2019-08-03: And one of the desserts: corn mochi with blackberry sorbet and various delicious accessories.

2019-08-03: A highlight from last night’s anniversary dinner at Barley Swine: fried buns (like a steamed bun …

2019-08-02: 39th anniversary dinner at the amazing Barley Swine in Austin. So, so grateful for my beloved.


2019-07-28: Hose time

2019-07-28: First the Eucharistic Feast, then the Breakfast Pizza at Moroso Feast.

2019-07-21: I’ve probably taken too many pictures of our huge oleander, but I think its combination of …

2019-07-21: Some of our container plants have been struggling a bit in the heat, but this little pairing has …

2019-07-19: Malcolm is relaxed but hopeful that there might be more play.

2019-07-10: Biscuit.

2019-07-05: LOVE it when my local (Pinewood) has a new beer on tap and it’s one of my very favorites (in …


2019-07-01: I dub thee SQUIRRELBANE 🗡 🐿 😵

2019-06-25: This is a little on-the-nose, don’t you think?

2019-06-23: current status


2019-06-17: Cliff swallows going to and from their nests.

2019-06-16: And the flowers strewn across my path.

2019-06-16: It was all worth it for the views.

2019-06-16: And of course I did it, I’m a manly man

2019-06-16: They said the trail is “a little technical in places,” but I didn’t know that meant I’d have to use …










2019-06-08: I really can’t get over this oleander. It’s 10 feet tall now and may soon eat my neighbor’s house.


2019-06-06: Morning in the back yard

2019-05-29: Welp. It’s time for some Serious Editing.

2019-05-29: So, Wired, it has come to this.

2019-05-26: Malcolm ten years ago today.

2019-05-20: ♫ I got friends in low places ♫

2019-05-16: Malcolm is very happy after he has played in the garden hose.


2019-05-08: These pictures are from the eastern side of the Skyline Drive this morning. The air was clear …




2019-05-08: Back to my old stomping grounds. Those Grounds haven’t become less beautiful.







2019-04-20: Malcolm is a very good boy. As you can see.


2019-04-01: Huge if true

2019-03-27: The third thing I do when I get a new computer.

2019-03-27: The second thing I do when I get a new computer.

2019-03-27: The first thing I do when I get a new computer.



2019-03-27: Lovely morning at Lake Waco Wetlands — though the wetlands are still waking up to springtime.



2019-03-20: I look like I’m singing “Old Man River.”

2019-03-09: still true

2019-03-06: It’s time.

2019-03-06: I think of this as two imperative sentences.



2019-02-27: A really special night last night at Milo. (That’s duck fat salted caramel popcorn, which you …

2019-02-07: Fabulous new issue of The Point.

2019-02-07: Been around the block with this one a few times.

2019-02-04: My son and I doing a postmortem.

2019-02-04: I’m needing to get back to Rufi’s Cocina for the incredible tacos (especially al pastor …

2019-01-31: I love these old editions. I don’t really use them any more, but I like to take them out and …

2019-01-31: Update: PDFpen is just as good as ScannerPro at OCRing my handwriting.

2019-01-30: Scanner Pro does an amazing job of recognizing my handwriting.

2019-01-29: Working on Lucretius, Plutarch, Charles Taylor — and being reminded of how blessed I am to read and …

2019-01-22: Count Malcolm as: intrigued but uncertain

2019-01-17: SRO for Jemar Tisby at Baylor

2019-01-17: It’s fun, but it’s also work.

2019-01-16: Sure, go ahead and reject the only person who can fix this mess. (Via Nina Massey)

2019-01-12: Tsundoku. Always tsundoku.

2019-01-11: Not that guy, presumably, but rather this guy.

2019-01-08: I think I’ve figured out how to deal with my overflowing inbox.

2019-01-08: Nobody yawns the way Malcolm yawns.

2019-01-08: This is my heart, right here.

2019-01-08: Didn’t really expect this editorial shift, but okay.


2018-12-24: same

2018-12-23: Festive post-church brunch at Milo

2018-12-21: Of course you did

2018-12-18: Represent


2018-12-18: Visitors

2018-12-18: before coffee

2018-12-17: Current status

2018-12-14: Milo is just KILLING it.

2018-12-14: A December volunteer

2018-12-13: Mail!

2018-12-10: Hey L.A. area friends:

2018-12-03: I’m thinking that from here on out I’m gonna imitate Steve Reich’s commitment to the baseball cap.

2018-12-01: My son helping me get perspective

2018-12-01: Goodness


2018-11-26: This is my sixth Texas autumn, and by far the most colorful. I suspect the key is that we’ve had a …




2018-11-24: And again.

2018-11-24: I seem to have accidentally taken a photograph of a masterpiece of abstract art.


2018-11-22: We’re not completely without autumn color here in central Texas. (No filters.)

2018-11-21: This is going to be hard to believe, but these pastries from @milowaco taste just as good as they …

2018-11-19: I love pretty much everything about Anglican worship, but I have a special fondness for the …


2018-11-19: Not really what I expected when searching for “Christian calendar” …

2018-11-17: Interesting data from Kieran Healy.

2018-11-07: And here’s something else new I want to try either tomorrow or Friday….

2018-11-07: The food-truck scene in Waco is getting better and better. Today I had a fabulous huarache al pastor …

2018-11-02: This is not a good book, this is a truly great book. I hope to find time soon to say why I think so, …